Terms of Service

By creating an account for Zettlr Translate, you agree to the terms stated on this page. The contents of this page are the contract between you and Zettlr Translate for the duration of your usage of this service (which also includes browsing the contents without creating an account). Please read the following terms of service carefully.

Your name and email will be saved on the servers of Zettlr for as long as your account here persists. You may at any time remove your account, which will in turn also remove all your translated strings.

You are not obliged to use your real name. You may choose to register yourself under a fictional name. In that case, this name will be used if you decide to be credited.

You grant Zettlr the full permission to use your translated strings to whatever purposes Zettlr deems fit. Additionally, you agree that your translations will be made available to anybody under the terms of the GNU GPL v3 license.

You can at any time choose to be credited in the generated language files that can be downloaded from this site by updating your profile. If you choose to do so, your name and, if you agreed to this as well, your email will be included in generated language files and will be made available to anybody who downloads one of these files. Your name and/or email address will only be included if two conditions are met:

  • At least one of your strings is approved by enough users so that it will end up in a language file.
  • The translation file being downloaded corresponds with the language of such an approved string.
If all of your strings are superseded by other translation suggestions that are approved by more users than yours, none of your translations will be shipped with the generated language files and, therefore, neither your name nor your email will be made public regardless of your settings.